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Wine & Pie Pairing With Vermeil Wines

Happy International Wine Day from Southern Baked Pie! We had the most wonderful event last night with local Napa winery Vermeil Wines where we hosted a live wine and pie pairing for all of our wonderful customers.

In fact, you can watch our Instagram Live here!



We learned so much not only about wine but what wine will pair best with our pies to highlight flavors and make your tastebuds so incredibly happy! Here is what we learned...

The Vermeil XXXIV Red Blend, the Pot Roast Pie, and the Chicken Ranchero is the ultimate comfort food pairing.  The smooth blend of 54% Cabernet Sauvignon, 29% Cabernet Franc, 17% Petite Sirah will bring out all the flavor of these two delicious pies. 

The Chardonnay was perfectly paired with our French Coconut Custard Pie! The fruit and caramel base of the Chardonnay accented the sweetness of the Coconut so well.  The buttery wine with our all butter crust is a MUST try!

We hope you are sitting down for this pairing! The Sauvignon Blanc was one of the highlights of last nights tasting, paired with our Chicken Pot Pie the flavors were surprising in all the best ways.  This light and crisp white brought out the spices in our Chicken Pot Pie and when you got a bite of crust, goodness it was heavenly! 




Bold on bold flavors on this pairing! We cannot say we were too surprised to hear that the Cabernet Sauvignon Pickett Road paired so well with the vibrant and bold flavor of the Southwestern Taco pie  



We hope you get out and host your own wine and pie pairing, we HIGHLY recommend it! Let us know when you do, we love talking all things wine and pie!


Southern Baked Pie Team