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Taco Tuesday!

Who doesn't look forward to Taco Tuesday every week? We are here to help build the perfect Taco bar. Now, first things first, you have to have a Taco Pie to start.  Next, we will get all the fixings! Are you a spicy or mild fan? You can grab your favorite salsa to achieve your prefect heat, the pie itself is mild, so go crazy if you are a spice King/Queen.  The usual suspects must be present as well, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, and of course guacamole.  Now, if you really want to get creative you could substitute shredded cheese with queso blanco for cheese heaven! Once you have crafted the perfect taco bar, now you need you our Taco Pie! A Taco Bar does not need to be anything fancy, the more casual the better! Relax and enjoy the spice of life and maybe a margarita!


SBP Team