Summer is almost over - stock up on Summer Fruit Pies to enjoy all year long

Peanut Butter Dreams!

Do you have dreams of peanut butter and chocolate swirled together into a buttery pie crust? Well, we absolutely do! Which is why we have created the newest SBP flavor....

Introducing our Peanut Butter Pie! This is every peanut butter lovers dream, just like us. A light and fluffy filling sprinkled with a soft peanut butter crumble topped with a gooey chocolate drizzle. If this wasn't enticing enough, the fluffy filling sits on top of a layer of chocolate ganache and of course our all butter crust. 

There is ALWAYS a catch right? This pie will ONLY be available for pick up in store this Thursday-Saturday with very limited quantities. I have a feeling if you guys snatch these up in time, we can talk to the pie gods and make this a seasonal flavor here at SBP? Does that sound like a deal? 

We hope you enjoy this! Comment below if you are excited!!


SBP Team