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4 Pack Savory Pie Bundle 4 Pack Savory Pie Bundle 4 Pack Savory Pie Bundle 4 Pack Savory Pie Bundle 4 Pack Savory Pie Bundle
4 Pack Savory Pie Bundle
A delicious assortment of petite savory pies to sample! 
Pies are 5 inches in diameter and serve 1 - 2. 


Savory Pie 4 Pack: Chicken Pot Pie, Southwestern Taco, Tomato, and Pot Roast Pie

If you wish to purchase more than 12 pies at a once, we request you call our office at 404.263.0656 ext. 1 so that we can personally assist you with your order.

Chicken Pot Pie - chicken, carrots, stock, peas, onion, pepper, flour, butter, salt, sugar - Allergen: wheat and milk

Southwestern Tacotomato, ground chuck, bell peppers, green chilies, onion, garlic, pepper, black beans, corn, salsa, taco seasoning, corn, butter, salt, sugar, flour Allergen: wheat and milk

Tomato Pie - tomato, onion, garlic, cheese, mayo, salt, pepper, butter, salt, sugar, flour Allergen: wheat and milk 

Pot Roast Pie- chuck roast, potatoes, beef broth, butter, flour, onions, salt, sugar Allergen: wheat, milk, and soy


Shipping Details

SHIPPING: Pies are carefully packaged and arrive ready to cut and serve. Once shipped, most pies arrive within one to two business days but remote locations may take up to as many as three days. If you do not wish to serve upon arrival, please place in the freezer for a later date. We ship Monday-Wednesday ONLY. If you need expedited shipping or would like to place a large order of pies shipping to multiple locations, please contact us directly at 404.263.0656 ext. 4


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