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SBP x Heirloomed Candles SBP x Heirloomed Candles SBP x Heirloomed Candles
SBP x Heirloomed Candles

Our Heirloomed candle collection is one of our favorite collaborations thus far. We worked with our friend, Ashley Schoenith, founder of Heirloomed to create the most subtle, beautiful scents that all will enjoy. We have launched 3 new scents. Pick your favorite or select a trio of them all. 

  • Georgia Candle: Inspired by our summer trips to the farmer's market in search of the sweetest peaches. The scent smells of fresh picked peaches from the tree, with floral undertones and a slight earthiness to balance it out. 
  • Frasier Fir: There's nothing we love more than the smell of Frasier Fir. This candle was created to put us in the holiday spirit, but lasts long after the holidays. Burn this candle during the cold winter months, and be instantly transported to a forest full of fragrant Frasier Firs
  • Southern Baked: Inspired by the smell of fresh baked pie coming straight out of the oven. If you've ever been in our pies shops, you know they smell heavenly. We worked for months to create a scent that smelled just like fresh baked pies - a warm, inviting, and homemade scent that is sure to please. 


Follow along with baker and founder Amanda Wilbanks:

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