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Summer Staples For Movers and Shakers

If you're a mom, a baker or just an everyday mover and shaker heels simply won't do. I'm loving the new flat summer shoe trends. I've been made fun of many a time by friends over the past couple of years when showing up to parties after work in my Dansko's. The big clunkers certainly make a fashion statement, but not always the best one among the fashion forward moms. Although, I must admit, Dansko has stepped up their fashion game lately. And I'm certainly not ashamed of wearing them. If you are a nurse, work in the restaurant or hospitality industry, or spend countless hours a day on your feet you know exactly what Danskos are. They are your BEST friend! They are the most comfortable shoes ever made. In an attempt to stay on trend with all the other "cool" fashion forward moms at the parties, I am trading in my Dansko's after work for new, hip, cool flats, though. My tired feet are thankful that it is now considered "popular" and more fashion forward this summer to wear flats.! WHOO HOO!! I've seen beautiful espadrilles and flats that I can't wait to wear to work, play outside with my kids in and sport on date night. And I'm loving every pair I have seen so far! Check out links to my favorites (and maybe a few similar styles that I just ordered below). You're feet will thank you! :-) 

'Carrin' Espadrille Flat SAM EDELMAN                    

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