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Father's Day Collaboration Spotlight: Pappy & Company

Hey y’all – Amanda here!

Nothing great is created alone – I firmly believe that. Over the last decade, I’ve had the joy of working with so many incredible individuals and businesses to help build Southern Baked into what it is today. We’ve also had the opportunity to collaborate with some amazing brands who share our values of preserving legacies, creating joy, and embracing the tenants of Southern hospitality. 

When I first met the incredible sisters who run the renowned brand, Pappy & Company, I felt instantly that we needed to work with them. Their passion and dedication to creating the highest quality lifestyle and bourbon-infused products, doing things the old-fashioned way, and celebrating all of life’s occasions, big and small, resonated with me so deeply, and the Pappy name needs no introduction within the spirits industry. Their grandfather founded Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon over 100 years ago on the philosophy of product over profit. Julian “Pappy” Van Winkle hadn’t always planned to enter the bourbon business, but his impact on the industry continues to be felt four generations later. As he put it, he “simply tried to be honest and make a good product.” It was that simple to him, and it has stayed that simple for more than 100 years.

 Since my husband loves bourbon, and I loved the sweet sisters that are carrying on the Pappy family legacy with Pappy & Company, I knew that Father’s Day was the perfect opportunity to collaborate with this celebrated brand to create gifting options that Dad will LOVE, inspired by the legacy of the iconic bourbon distiller. 

Together, we created Bourbon Bliss Bundles, designed with dads in mind. These bundles include our Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie, a choice of savory pie, a 4 Pack of Pappy & Co. Handmade Bourbon Balls, and Pappy & Co. Bourbon Barrel-Aged Nib Brittle. They’re the ultimate gift for the dad who enjoys unwinding with a stiff drink at the end of a long day, or the dad who finishes off every meal with something sweet (like my husband, Alex).

Last month, I had the pleasure of joining the Pappy & Co. team in Louisville to celebrate this incredible collaboration with delicious food and even better company. It made my heart smile to see our children playing together and our families creating memories that will last a lifetime. We even got the chance to create some recipes inspired by our Southern heritage, including a bourbon-infused maple vinaigrette, hot bacon dip, bourbon apple pie, and (my personal favorite) spicy bourbon and maple-infused margaritas. 

Like us, Pappy & Company is committed to quality above all else – that means crafting the best bourbon-infused products on the market, sourcing from other small businesses, and imbuing everything they do with a rich sense of history and community. It takes time and hard work to do things the right way, but it’s worth it. 

I’m so proud of this collaboration. Not only does it showcase high-quality products from two small, family-owned businesses, it serves as a reminder that traditions can evolve while staying true to their roots, and that by embracing our heritage, we can create something truly extraordinary.

Cheers to a partnership that combines the best of both worlds!


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